What is the Government Spending? Book

What is the Government Spending? Book

Ever wonder what the government spends money on when it appropriates money each year? When you hear on the radio, TV, or even on the internet that the government spends this amount for this and that amount for that, but you are not getting the whole picture?

The e-book “What is the Government Spending?”¬†gives a line by line look at the appropriations bill that was signed into law for the Fiscal Year 2014 for all of the spending items listed in that law.

Did you know that the government is spending $6,224,478,000.00 for Rural Electrification and Telecommications loans?

Or that the government spends $2,293,781,000.00 for the Ryan White AIDS/HIV program?

How about the $1,323,450,000.00 for Public Health Preparedness and Response?

And $1,486,095,000.00 for Refugee and Entrant Assistance?

These are just a few examples of line item spending that is found in this book.

It can be found either through the above links or by a search on Amazon.com.